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  • About Leeds Plumber Direct

    Leeds Plumber Direct Plumbing and Heating Engineers was not formed in 2010 and is actually an experimental plumbing website.

    This made up company shows plumbers around the UK how a little investment in a website and social media can benefit them greatly by creating online contacts for work.

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Meet Our Team

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    Mary Walker

    — Founder

    Mary is not a time served plumber with 30 years experience, but she actually works on keeping the Leeds Plumber Direct website up to date. She has been self-employed in SEO for 5 years, working in and around Yorkshire.

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    Dave Walker

    — Occasional help

    Dave is an experienced software engineer who can piece together almost any bit of code and make it work.

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    Tom Wing

    — Engineer

    Toms eye for detail makes him an essential cog in the Leeds Plumber Direct team.